Over the last 15 years we grew up together.

Now, as we look to the future, We are more ready than ever to take our partnership to new heights.

Thank you for having the chance to meet in Atlanta and we appreciate your openness to discuss the opportunities!


A word from our Founder & CEO

At a first glance business seems to be about money, margins, markets, but if we stop and look closer, we see that business is in fact about relations between people. All other aspects, like products, services, contracts, are just means to create and nurture relations and through those relations to learn about ourselves and uncover our higher potential.

When, 17 years ago we became ARCHIBUS Business Partner, we entered an amazing community of people, creative, passionate, trustworthy. It was the ARCHIBUS ecosystem, spanned on every inhabited continent, covering almost every time zone, and speaking one common language – that of friendship.

Today the context is new, its name is Eptura. Today, the landscape is broader, new people, new products, new ideas and certainly new possibilities. We, people of Archibus Solution Center – Romania, believe that creating trusted relations, knowing each other makes what’s possible to become reality. We are open to know you, see you, to share our knowledge, contribute with our expertise and learn from you.

And of course, we are looking forward to have some fun together!

— Tudor TRITA

Join us for a productive conversation and let's brainstorm ideas that can drive your business forward.

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