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Archibus Cloud empowers you with the insights and tools you need to reduce your Real Estate Spend and Empower Your People. Start simply by building a single system of records with Foundations, and then scale into the industry’s most advanced workplace solution.

Scale into a Market
Leading System

Start simple and grow into the world’s most advanced workplace solution.

Update at the speed of innovation

Stay ahead of the field with seamless updates in the cloud.


Integrate industry best practices

Align your organization with industry’s leading standards in security, technology, and regulatory compliance.


Generate early ROI with the cloud

Get started fast with a web-based Cloud solution. Reduce the time and cost of deployment to ensure an early ROI.

Drive Performance with
Data-Driven Insights

Integrate data and insights on one platform to drive mission success.

Drive Holistic Performance

Integrate metrics across all the activities that make your workplace tick for a comprehensive picture of portfolio performance.


Integrate Data, Processes, and Systems

Archibus applications share a single data platform, designed to integrate easily with external systems.


Visual Data Modeling

Create compelling visual data models with 2D AutoCAD floorplans, 3D Revit models, and GIS satellite maps of sites and campuses.

Simplified interface,
stable and intuitive initial foundation

Automate all of the essential processes that make your workplace tick to centralize strategic insight, streamline processes, and connect your workplace to your workforce.

77% of Corporate Estate Professional Agree, The Savings are in the Data. The primary goal reported by corporate real estate professionals when polled is to improve the accuracy of their space and workplace data.

Industry leaders are waking up to the fact that most office space sits empty at any given moment, and the statistics are much worse when you isolate meeting rooms and private offices. Wasted space means wasting resources that should be reinvested in growing your business.

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